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The people have spoken and Norwin has fallen.

It was inevitable: today, a year from now - the younger blue wave of the cyclically indoctrinated is moving beyond the urban areas that they've destroyed and into the suburbs of other counties.  In the past 10 years, Norwin and Murrysville have been the only municipalities in Westmoreland that have gained in population (Murrysville lost people last year for the first time and Norwin has continued to gain) - and all these new residents are the woke folk coming from Allegheny County. I saw the millennial generation with their toddlers and infants at the polls today - they are feel-good liberals who think drag queen story time is a great idea.  They are anti-Mastriano/Trump type Republican mommies who will vote against a true Republican simply because he sends mean tweets or is pro-life.  So many more such women than men showed up.  They are the ones who dragged their controlled "Republican" husbands along and told them to vote for the Democrats.  I saw it with my own eyes - the guy reluctantly followed, head down, dejected and silent, five steps behind his wife into the poll and she came out exclaiming "I need another another [WeAreNorwin] flyer for my husband!"  How weak of a man can you be?  This occurred at Sunset Valley in the afternoon, so I hope this man (and anyone else in this type of situation) can address the greater problem and get out of the toxic relationship. But I digress.

We won the election day paper votes (i.e., the people walking into the polls who voted as opposed to the mail-in-ballot pre-election day votes).  There was a 800 mail-in-ballot deficit.  Mail-in-ballots killed the Republicans here and across the state.  We tried to register over 5000 Republicans, but they refused, insisting that they would show up.  But not all of them did.  Some were planning on coming, but were taken to the hospital the night before.  Others fell down and hurt themselves on election day.  For some, their kids were sick and they had to stay home.  Or a family member or friend just died.  This is why mail-in-ballot voting, absent fraud, is important - if the Democrats use this tactic, the Republicans should too.  And all Republicans should come out in off years, not just the Trump voting years (14,000 Republicans came out to vote for Trump in the 2020 PRIMARY - where were you this time?).  You also have Republicans who just feel defeated after Trump's loss and have sunk into the corner sucking their thumbs, just wanting to get by without facing the reality of our country's direction.  Then you have the RINOs and those people who really want yearly max tax increases in perpetuity, continued nepotistic hiring, no transparency, indoctrination by the liberal union leadership, diversity/equity/inclusion initiatives, inappropriate textbooks, and a grooming environment in school by pushing for trans/sexual agendas... yeah, all of these issues are why the true Republicans lost and why Norwin has fallen today. This trend will certainly be moving east and Hempfield is next, in time.

I accept the results and my family will plan accordingly - that is something we do have control over. I will continue my lawsuit against the District and the superintendent because I know it's the right thing to do and I am confident I will be successful. I will stay on the board - it will only be a 10 minute commitment a month since that's how long meetings were when the Democrats controlled the board and pushed everything through without dissent.

Remember that if Norwin feels they made a mistake with today's vote, that you can't fix it in two years because only 4 out of 9 positions will be open. You are stuck with what you voted for for at least 4 years by which time it will be too late.

Thank you to those who came out and tried to save Norwin today.

To the rest I say, you deserve everything that's coming. I hope that no sexual predator teacher is lurking in the shadows at Norwin, because if the board is made aware of incidents against such teacher, they will certainly be swept under the rug and ignored just like they were at Westmont Hilltop School District where one of the just newly-elected Norwin board members was previously the board president.  Democrat teacher unions and liberal educators like to protect their own kind.  It's actually already happened here when a Norwin high school teacher was inappropriately texting a student and he was "demoted" to teach 5th grade (insane, right!?) and was then elected as the Norwin Teachers Union President (insane, right?).

Let's forget about taxes being raised to max state index levels that Democrat boards have pushed through for 12 consecutive years prior to the conservatives coming on board.  We're talking about the safety and innocence of children that is at stake.  It defies any notion of societal decency.  Apparently, the Dems and RINOs that voted have no problem with protecting potential enablers/abusers.  If they don't have a problem with that, then they certainly have no problem with the Marxist indoctrination and grooming (here, here, & here and many other instances) that the conservatives brought up the past two years.  Don't get me wrong.  There are ultra liberal teachers who taught my own kids, but they were actually good teachers because they kept their own personal politics from the core curriculum that they are responsible for teaching.  I would expect this common sense form of teaching from both conservative and liberal teachers, alike.  That's what makes a good teacher, however, we have select bad apples that are being protected by the Teachers Union, again, run by those very teachers who are the bad apples (e.g., see Teachers Union President, above... oh, and how about a teacher bringing drugs to school or the daughter of the former superintendent responsible for drug education in our school selling heroin - all concealed over the years).

6000 people in Norwin voted to continue this corruption and hurt our kids.  I can accept stupid voters, but "Come on, man!" this is  just evil.

The problem extends beyond Norwin - our union gets their marching orders ("Remind your educators to vote for the Democrats!") from the PSEA (the state teachers union) who just so happened to donate to the current Democrat slate that won this election.  The newly elected majority will be the same board members who will be voting on the teachers union contract when it expires during their term.  Yet, they were the ones all year claiming that politics has no place in Norwin!  And I will never forget the chants from the leftists in the audience during budget meetings "Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes!"  So this Democrat slate will certainly enact policies detrimental to our children and taxpayers. 

This is all what you wanted Norwin. Elections have very real consequences.

I finally have clarity on where the majority of Norwin stands.  We did our best with the resources we had.  There is no shame on anyone on the conservative side who came out to vote. The reality is that Norwin has been compromised. There are only two things that bothered me for the past three years:

(1) The phoniness within the community (and sadly my neighborhood) is alive and well.  Through the years there were always so many residents and businesses willing to put up signs for the opposition, but when you asked people who you knew are Republicans to put up signs they said "they weren't political, but will vote." What they really meant is that they didn't want to upset the parents of their child's friend who votes for the opposition who did have a political sign in their yard.  Or they meant that they really have no convictions and are weak, but don't want to just tell you that... because they... well, are weak.  I have more respect for someone who puts up a sign for the Democrats than I do for the Republican phonies.  Yeah, seriously; those Democrats with the opposition's signs: I salute you for your convictions, no matter how flawed the underlying beliefs are.  And where were the North Huntingdon Republican commissioners (only one showed up - thank you; and one was a poll watcher) and Irwin councilpersons pushing for the Republican school board candidates?  Nowhere to be found on election day.  At least with the Ward 3 Commissioner, who himself was running for re-election, he was standing by the side of the Democrat slate, following up with his intro after they gave their phony spiel.  I can't believe I actually respect him for picking his side and being committed to it.  You stuck with your convictions (even if you're a complete RINO), but at least you picked a side and stood in solidarity with the socialists all day.  I can't say the same for the self-serving Republican commissioners, councilpersons, and others in office who didn't work a single poll shift in support of the Republican school board candidates or any Republican candidates for that matter.  It's more important for you to keep up appearances of neutrality and be liked by everyone - phonies in our own party, locally and nationally.

(2) The lack of financial support is disheartening, but not from a monetary standpoint.  This is an unpaid position, unlike a commissioner's job, yet is the most political position in the township and requires money to get the right people on the board.  My time and effort are always free, and although I can pay for all of this myself, it's the principle of wanting active support that keeps me motivated.  If the "supporters" don't have any skin in the game, why bother putting yourself out there?  I know there are many Republicans that can afford $20 for a worthwhile return on their investment in keeping taxes low and preventing the indoctrination of a future generation.  The other side was able to get these types of donations.  In any case, I am very thankful for the financial support we did receive and we usually broke even, having spent significantly less than the opposition since we aren't funded by leftist organizations like Voice of Westmoreland and the Teachers Union, both of which contributed to the Democrats directly or indirectly over the years including this year's elections.

Again, thank you to everyone who supported us in any way they could, but the writing is on the wall.  There will never be any more conservatives on that board after the original Change4Norwin candidates' terms expire.  Norwin is now blue and through - Summer Lee, Fetterman, Shapiro, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania judges, Biden, and now a Democrat majority school board.

Oh, so remember when I said that you have to be stupid if you voted for the Democrat slate?  I mean, that is true, but... yeah... you're really a groomer.  I would say "own it", but you just did on Nov. 7th.

Norwin has fallen, indeed.


P.S.  The conservatives losing the election is not what gets me.  Knowing that 6000 groomers live in Norwin is what does and should be of concern to the community.  I know who they are in my neighborhood.  I'm sure you know who they are in yours - some are obvious with having had signs out for the opposition, whereas the rest don't want you to know they are groomers - that's even scarier.  6000.

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