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Endorsed by WCRC District 3

Norwin needs your vote!

Did you know that 85% of our local taxes goes to the Norwin School District?  Our future is dependent on what our kids are taught, their surroundings, and the opportunities provided to them.

Our elected School Board directors are the ONLY people who can protect community values such as fiscal
responsibility, protecting our children from harmful indoctrination, enforcing merit-based hiring to get the best teachers, and preventing any self-serving interests from coming between our tax dollars and the success of Norwin students.

After reading, below, please click here for Part 2 where you will learn how our opponents don't believe in free speech and want to silence all those who don't agree with their extremist views.




What do I need to do?

It is important that you make sure that your voice is heard by voting this fall.  Not only as individuals, but by encouraging the freedom-loving people of Norwin to come out and support our superior slate of candidates.  We need your help to get friends, family, and neighbors to request mail-in-ballots.  The Democrats have an over 3:1 advantage over the Republicans in terms of mail-in-ballot registered voters.  We can only win if we take advantage of the same tactics used by them.


Why is my vote so important? 

Simply stated:  Our opponents are not who they say they are and are a clear and present danger to you and your children.


Who are these guys?

The "WeRNorwin" cabal is nothing more than a group of hard-core progressive activists.  Their claim to be bipartisan is absurd.  Nothing that they have in mind for you, your children, or your business is even remotely Republican, let alone reasonable.  They are a radical group of teachers, former school administrators, and family members of leftist radicals, as well as corrupt, self-serving supporters of the failed policies of the past.


How do we know what they will do?

Like all self-serving Leftists, they will accuse their opponents of doing exactly what they intend to do.  They will increase class size exponentially and remove courses of value to the students.  They will divert funds to their pet projects and recklessly spend your money on their kingdom-building.  They cut classes in the past, resulting in many students not being able to take classes necessary for their futures and causing kids to be placed in study halls.  By the end of next year, the District will needlessly borrow another $100,000,000 dollars in construction funding to repair and hide their reckless spending on their previous construction fiascos.  They will recklessly spend our tax dollars and once again create a deficit in the People's Treasury.


They want your money and the souls of your children.  They will use those tax-payer stolen resources to enrich themselves and enslave your children in their beloved socialist system.  They are disciples of the past corrupt boards who borrowed an initial $100,000,000 dollars in your name to waste on unnecessary and poorly constructed, so-called "improvements" to the buildings that you own.


They spent their time being concerned with hiring their own family members, in positions they clearly were not qualified to fill.


Do not be fooled by these impostors.


Their past record shows they have no respect for you, or anything other than their own kingdom-building.  In addition to their deep ties with the Teachers Union, their funding comes from the George Soros PA United PAC.  It is no coincidence that the treasurer of "WeRNorwin" is none other than a charter member of the Marxist organization "Voice of Westmoreland."


Nothing they stand for has anything to do with educating your children, protecting your hard-earned tax dollars or American values.

In this spring primary, they intentionally tried to deceive voters into believing they were somehow or in some way Republican candidates.  Fortunately, they failed at this charade and none of them were selected to represent Republicans in the November election.  However, we know that these far-left radicals never give up and will be back with their basket of lies, misinformation and political rhetoric in even more despicable ways.


We look forward to your support in our efforts to save our children and the value of education in the Norwin community.

Please stay tuned over the next few months as we expose in greater detail who our opponents are, what they truly believe in, and the unprecedented damage they have caused over the past quarter century.

Continued in Part 2.

At the final budget voting meeting, the true conservatives attempted to save a 7th grade chorus music position.  The Democrat ex/teacher board members, Bill Essay and Pat Lynn, voted to eliminate this position!  Remember, if it doesn't meet their self-serving agenda, the Democrats will not support it.  Vote Republican!

How can a school board make any financial decisions when they aren't provided with timely information about the District's finances?

Click here for our response to Bob Perkins' community letter filled with slanderous lies and having been sent with false pretenses.  Bob Perkins is not a real Republican.


Our opponents are running as Democrats because they are Democrats or RINOs.

Our opponents are cut from the same cloth as past board members who ruled our district: educators, spouses of educators, and friends of existing administration who are only looking to maintain the status quo of the prior boards.  They have come together to represent special interests and NOT the interests of our community and children. We are "Kids and Taxpayers First!"

Our opponents want school politics to go back to the way it was before the conservatives arrived.  We can't let that happen.

We are the only candidates who support the creation of the national Parents Bill of Rights.  This bill is making its way through Congress and provides:
1. Right to know what’s being taught in schools & see reading material
2. Right to be heard
3. Right to see school budget and spending
4. Right to protect their child’s privacy
5. Right to be updated on any violent activity at school


Thank you to everyone who came out to vote.  We need everyone's support again in November.  We'll see you in the fall!

Mail-in ballot and voting information is available here.

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